Best Vintage Engagement Rings

Vintage engagement rings are very suitable choice for engagement functions, most of the brides prefer to wear antique of vintage rings on their engagement functions. There is a broad array of antique engagement rings available in the market. Let us have a quick look on a few prominent one. The most widely and precious antique ring for engagement is Anabella Ring, it is a 1930’s ring and made up of platinum, the weight of this ring is around 0.55 carat, the gemstone used in the center of this ring is made up of Diamond. The price of this ring is approximately three thousand five hundred seventy dollars.

Claudia ring is another one of the famous vintage engagement rings, it is also made up of platinum metal with a diamond gemstone. It is a 0.54 carat weight vintage ring, the diamond gemstone used in this ring is of blue color. The price of this ring is somewhat around three thousand nine hundred ninety five dollars. It is a 1890’s ring. The other part of this ring excluding gemstone is of white color. This was a brief account of two famous types of antique engagement rings that can make a difference.