Cheap Vintage Engagement Rings

It is known that vintage antique rings are costlier than modern contemporary ones. The main reason is the use of authentic stones, designs that require hand crafting and precious metals. As these rings are crafted with hand they attract more prices. But due to its exclusivity and charm many buyers do not consider the price as issue for a good piece. Still if you want to get cheap vintage engagement rings you need to explore certain resources. The best way of getting cheap rings is to check antique jewelry shops and pawn shops. These usually keep the pieces in bulk and keep the pricing really affordable.


Another way of getting cheap vintage engagement rings is by selecting cheaper stones and designs. The designs that are inspired from art deco era are generally cheaper. These make use of gems instead of costly diamonds therefore the cost of ring drops to great extent. Plus these give you the authentic vintage look for smaller price.  If a Victorian vintage ring would cost your $1000, then one you get in bulk or in deco style would cost around $300. Even if the cost is still greater than modern rings, your engagement is also special and deserves this spending.

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