Cushion Cut Vintage Style Engagement Rings

With the wedding season in full bloom, the groom or men are seeking ways to impress their gals with unique engagement rings. What can be more unique than vintage style engagement rings? These are classy, unique and adorable. The latest option in these rings is the cushion cut vintage ring. This type of ring was given as heirloom in previous Victorian era of 1800s. The specialty of cushion cut is the soft and intricate patterns over the stone. The stone with this cut is very delicate and provides the magnificent old age charm.

Many ladies nowadays go for princess cut rings but cushion cut provides more elaborative designs and dazzling beauty. This type of ring is a gorgeous combination of vintage styles and classiness. These generally come in the base that would support the cushion cut stone. The rings are also pronged at the base to provide total safety for the delicate gem. The common ring makers also offer option of customized vintage style engagement rings with this cut. This means you can choose the gem that relates with your personality and get it donned in designed cushion cut ring. This way you can get the unique vintage ring for your special day.