Engagement Rings Vintage

The engagement rings vintage are back with a bang as different online and local makers are now making exquisite designs offering a snap shot of the gone by era and period. The vintage style rings are now commonly seen in the market and are widely chosen for their unique settings, choice of material and imperial designs. These exhibits the charm of rings used previously as heirloom or precious gifts to the royal members of society. These are widely found in diamond but are also present in gold and platinum. One can also find rose gold vintage rings that mix copper with gold to give it a pink tinge. What makes the rings distinct with other is its setting. Every setting depicts different personality and liking.

The common settings used in making engagement rings vintage are Prong, Bezel, Chanel and Tension. The most common of these is the prong setting which consist of two or four prongs to provide safety and elegance to the fine diamonds. The bezel one is a smooth metal platform instead of prongs and emphasizes more on the type of gem or stone used in the middle of ring. The Chanel and tension are used for less expensive gems and stones. These settings change the overall appearance of the ring therefore one needs to consider them carefully while making a purchase.