Options in Vintage Looking Engagement Ring

Vintage looking engagement rings entail the best and popular designs used in past era. These are made by combining the olden designs and modern technology to minimize the errors and maximize the appearance. These designs are inspired from the engagement rings that were made through 1800 to 1929s. Certain vintage looking rings also take inspiration from designs popular in 1960s or 1970s. There are many options present under this category in terms of metal, colors, designs and styles.

Some common are:

  • Victorian pink emerald with white gold ring- this vintage ring can be made using the pink gemstone along with a total 14 carat white gold. The prongs and settings could vary from maker to maker but this combination represents the rings made at Victorian style for the queen itself.
  • Yellow or rose gold engagement rings- these are made with 18 carat gold, yellow gold or rose gold to give the metal tinge of pink or yellow. These metals were very common in Victorian times.
  • Diamond and white gold ring- this variety makes use of ΒΌ carat two or three diamonds with 14 carat white gold. It is present in different forms such as princess cut, cushion cut and so on.


There are many other exquisite varieties present in vintage looking engagement rings that could be chosen according to liking.