Varieties in Vintage Style Engagement Rings

Vintage style engagement rings are taken from the Victorian era that is also sometimes termed as the romantic age. The designs in this style are generally derived from the rings that were famous before 50 years. This type of engagement ring comes in different varieties depending upon the changes that came after the Victorian era and the years that followed. Every era was significant for use of different types of gems and designs. Implicating that fashion, the current age ring makers have come up with many varieties in these elegant and classy rings.

The most rare and expensive variety in vintage style engagement rings is that which came from Georgian era. Then you can find rings inspired from the designs of early period of romance that is between1830 to 1850. Then there are mid Victorian types that often represent the mourning rings that were developed in that time after the death ofPrince Albert. This category generally consists of garnets and other types of stones. The gems that followed after this era were quite shiny and attractive. The late Victorian vintage rings are found in diamonds and sapphires. These are present in intricate designs and feminine structures. Apart from these you can find many other varieties in this style that are captured from the olden times and are popular for its gorgeousness.

Vintage Inspired Engagement Rings

The popularity or vintage inspired engagement ring proves that any style need not be current or new to fit the present or new age users. As the designs of such rings were already famous in that particular time, it paves the perfect way to show your ardour love. This also conveys the message that your love would not fade even after decades and centuries go by. The current age makers of vintage rings actually make them from the designs and stencils obtained from the Victorian era. In short these rings represent the genuine and popular style of the particular era.

Under this category you can find princess cut, emerald cut, cushion cut and other types of diamonds and gems fitted into intricately designed rings. These are present in floral designs, swirl designs, intricate patterns and many more. These vintage inspired engagement rings are mainly present in 1/3 carat and 1/4 carat diamond, 14 karat gold and platinum materials. You can also find rare pieces made in different gems that were popular in the 1800s such as rubies, sapphires, emeralds and others.  There are also rings that make use of one or more materials such as gold and diamond, platinum and diamond, rose gold and gems and so on. These rings are not only shadows of pasts but could be heirloom for tomorrow.

Vintage Engagement Rings NYC

If you are shopping for your engagement ring in New York Cityyou will find many authentic shops that offer vintage rings. If you have decided your budge then you can reach the type of shop or outlet that keeps rings within that budget. If you have budget more than $1000 then there are many reputable and genuine jewelry shops present in New Yorkthat offer exquisite vintage style rings. If you are in search of unique rings such as ones that make use of princess cut diamonds or others you can find these studio-store shops in the city. There are certain vintage engagement rings NYC that offer options such as retro, bold, delicate and classy with varied color combinations.


The vintage engagement rings NYC also specialize in the traditional varieties that are striking and within the range. Then there are antique shops all over the city that offer rare to find antique engagement as well as wedding bands. The beauty of the shops present in city is they exhibit every variety possible in the vintage style. Right from expensive Victorian to cheap art deco, one can get any style in the rings according to personal budget. Then there are certain outlets that resemble simple gifting shops but keep rare to find pieces of vintage rings and jewelry. One needs to explore all the big and small outlets to find that perfect piece for D day.

Vintage Diamond Engagement Rings

Vintage diamond engagement rings are unique in its true sense because of its historical application and hand crafted magnetism. As compared to current age rings which are often made using machines, the vintage ones are totally hand crafted with intricate patterns. These diamond rings are present in cut and type of stone that resembles the one used in vintage era. You can find these rings in different cuts such as princess cut, cushion cut and others. These are present in designs that were popular at different eras.

Victorian era (1830 to 1900) – this is termed as the ‘romantic age’ and the rings present under this category are out of this world. These rings mainly contain filigree which focuses more on the diamonds and less on the gold. The rings would mainly contain brilliant diamonds and a minimum use of gold will be seen.

Edwardian era (1900 to 1901) – the vintage diamond engagement rings under this category make use of platinum along with diamonds instead of gold. The designs are lacier accompanied by prong setting.

Art Nouveau/ deco era (1895 to 1935) – the diamond rings from this period are more focused on natural designs such as floral patterns, leaves and so on.

All these types of diamond vintage rings are unique and cast great impression on the wearer.

Vintage Art Deco Engagement Rings

Art deco rings are specifically the vintage rings that are inspired by the deco era of the past. These are very much popular especially for their symmetrical designs and affordable costs. If compared with other rings, the vintage art deco engagement rings are very affordable and stylish. The specialty of these rings is the typical symmetry that resonates on every part of the ring. Then these rings usually contain more than one stone of different shapes. A typical deco ring would contain series of big as well as small stones that are lined in symmetrical pattern. The stones used in making these rings are often cut in unique geometrical shapes that increase its brilliance and appearance.

There are various patterns available in the vintage art deco engagement rings. You can find a ring that consists a central diamond which is circulated and surrounded by a line of small or big gems such as rubies, emeralds and others. This unique combination of gems and diamond really makes the deco ring special and unique. These rings are also known for the use of contrast colors in the form of used material such as gold, diamonds and gemstones. These instantly grab attention of others with the striking combination of stones and colors.

Vintage Princess Cut Engagement Rings

Princess cut is considered as the most sought after design and cut in diamond rings. The vintage princess cut engagement rings are simply the rings that are made using this cut with different styles. As you know princess cut is the square or rectangular cut of the diamonds and is accompanied by square mount with four high corners. The main reason for popularity of the vintage princess rings is the unique design which instantly catches attention. The gemstone used under this category is hand crafted to give around seventy facets. This makes the stone to shine and sparkle magnificently whenever turned to any angle or different sides.

The vintage princess cut engagement rings are very rare and difficult to find in any local jewelry shop. As it requires a skilled worker to create the intricate cut design of previous era, only few makers could replicate them. These could be found in antique jewelry shops or jewelry estates. These basically come in different types of diamonds such as white diamond, black diamond and so on. The material used to create the mounts of princess cut ring is generally platinum or white gold which was famous in Victorian and Edwardian era. These rings have potential to transform a normal girl into princess.

Options in Vintage Looking Engagement Ring

Vintage looking engagement rings entail the best and popular designs used in past era. These are made by combining the olden designs and modern technology to minimize the errors and maximize the appearance. These designs are inspired from the engagement rings that were made through 1800 to 1929s. Certain vintage looking rings also take inspiration from designs popular in 1960s or 1970s. There are many options present under this category in terms of metal, colors, designs and styles.

Some common are:

  • Victorian pink emerald with white gold ring- this vintage ring can be made using the pink gemstone along with a total 14 carat white gold. The prongs and settings could vary from maker to maker but this combination represents the rings made at Victorian style for the queen itself.
  • Yellow or rose gold engagement rings- these are made with 18 carat gold, yellow gold or rose gold to give the metal tinge of pink or yellow. These metals were very common in Victorian times.
  • Diamond and white gold ring- this variety makes use of ¼ carat two or three diamonds with 14 carat white gold. It is present in different forms such as princess cut, cushion cut and so on.


There are many other exquisite varieties present in vintage looking engagement rings that could be chosen according to liking.

Cheap Vintage Engagement Rings

It is known that vintage antique rings are costlier than modern contemporary ones. The main reason is the use of authentic stones, designs that require hand crafting and precious metals. As these rings are crafted with hand they attract more prices. But due to its exclusivity and charm many buyers do not consider the price as issue for a good piece. Still if you want to get cheap vintage engagement rings you need to explore certain resources. The best way of getting cheap rings is to check antique jewelry shops and pawn shops. These usually keep the pieces in bulk and keep the pricing really affordable.


Another way of getting cheap vintage engagement rings is by selecting cheaper stones and designs. The designs that are inspired from art deco era are generally cheaper. These make use of gems instead of costly diamonds therefore the cost of ring drops to great extent. Plus these give you the authentic vintage look for smaller price.  If a Victorian vintage ring would cost your $1000, then one you get in bulk or in deco style would cost around $300. Even if the cost is still greater than modern rings, your engagement is also special and deserves this spending.

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Men’s Guide for Buying Vintage Style Engagement rings

Vintage style engagement rings are the classy pieces of elaborative art performed by hands. These generally give a charm and certificate of sophistication for the wearer. The stones used in vintage rings are better and lovelier than current times. For men that wish to propose the girl, this style is the best choice. As it represents the era of love and romance, you convey the message of taking your love to eternity. As ladies are ardent lovers of jewelry you can buy a masterpiece of such rings and could get the dream girl of your life.

The first thing you need to consider while buying any vintage style engagement ring is the color of the gem. Every color retrospects to different personalities and likings. The overall design and color should be chosen only after analyzing the personality of the girl. For this you need to observe her behavior and likings and choose the ring that best suits her personality. If you do not know the person well then it is best to go for platinum vintage engagement ring as every women loves the metal and would go gaga over it. The options of gold, platinum, diamond and rose gold in vintage rings are impeccable. You can find different cuts, colors and intricate patterns over these rings to show your ardour.

Cushion Cut Vintage Style Engagement Rings

With the wedding season in full bloom, the groom or men are seeking ways to impress their gals with unique engagement rings. What can be more unique than vintage style engagement rings? These are classy, unique and adorable. The latest option in these rings is the cushion cut vintage ring. This type of ring was given as heirloom in previous Victorian era of 1800s. The specialty of cushion cut is the soft and intricate patterns over the stone. The stone with this cut is very delicate and provides the magnificent old age charm.

Many ladies nowadays go for princess cut rings but cushion cut provides more elaborative designs and dazzling beauty. This type of ring is a gorgeous combination of vintage styles and classiness. These generally come in the base that would support the cushion cut stone. The rings are also pronged at the base to provide total safety for the delicate gem. The common ring makers also offer option of customized vintage style engagement rings with this cut. This means you can choose the gem that relates with your personality and get it donned in designed cushion cut ring. This way you can get the unique vintage ring for your special day.