Varieties in Vintage Style Engagement Rings

Vintage style engagement rings are taken from the Victorian era that is also sometimes termed as the romantic age. The designs in this style are generally derived from the rings that were famous before 50 years. This type of engagement ring comes in different varieties depending upon the changes that came after the Victorian era and the years that followed. Every era was significant for use of different types of gems and designs. Implicating that fashion, the current age ring makers have come up with many varieties in these elegant and classy rings.

The most rare and expensive variety in vintage style engagement rings is that which came from Georgian era. Then you can find rings inspired from the designs of early period of romance that is between1830 to 1850. Then there are mid Victorian types that often represent the mourning rings that were developed in that time after the death ofPrince Albert. This category generally consists of garnets and other types of stones. The gems that followed after this era were quite shiny and attractive. The late Victorian vintage rings are found in diamonds and sapphires. These are present in intricate designs and feminine structures. Apart from these you can find many other varieties in this style that are captured from the olden times and are popular for its gorgeousness.