Vintage Diamond Engagement Rings

Vintage diamond engagement rings are unique in its true sense because of its historical application and hand crafted magnetism. As compared to current age rings which are often made using machines, the vintage ones are totally hand crafted with intricate patterns. These diamond rings are present in cut and type of stone that resembles the one used in vintage era. You can find these rings in different cuts such as princess cut, cushion cut and others. These are present in designs that were popular at different eras.

Victorian era (1830 to 1900) – this is termed as the ‘romantic age’ and the rings present under this category are out of this world. These rings mainly contain filigree which focuses more on the diamonds and less on the gold. The rings would mainly contain brilliant diamonds and a minimum use of gold will be seen.

Edwardian era (1900 to 1901) – the vintage diamond engagement rings under this category make use of platinum along with diamonds instead of gold. The designs are lacier accompanied by prong setting.

Art Nouveau/ deco era (1895 to 1935) – the diamond rings from this period are more focused on natural designs such as floral patterns, leaves and so on.

All these types of diamond vintage rings are unique and cast great impression on the wearer.