Vintage Engagement Rings – Buying Guide

Nowadays vintage engagement rings have found a new lot of consumers mostly for their alluring designs, uniqueness and feeling of heirloom. The current age ring designers are adopting the once famous styles of Victorian era, Edwardian era and others. These are present in many varieties such as gems, gold, platinum, rose gold and diamond. What make them precious is the hand crafting and intricate designs applied to make the rings. Even after the use of exquisite material and crafting these are less expensive than current age options.

While purchasing vintage engagement rings one needs to check certain things. First is the report from the gemologist for the genuineness of the used material. Then one should check the detailed report or description about the color, cut, carat and clarity of the diamond or the metal. All the above details should be present with the ring seller. As these are also present in antique shops and online sellers one needs to gather all the information about the authenticity of that jewelry. If checked and selected properly these engagement rings could easily grab eyeballs and would take romance to next level.