Vintage Engagement Rings

Are you looking for some classical and famous vintage engagement rings? If so, you have reached a right place. Here we are going to introduce and discuss some eye catching and precious antique engagement rings that can make a difference in your engagement parities. The first and very attractive kind of engagement rings is known as regency ring, it is a 1930’s ring and the metal used in the this kind of engagement rings is Platinum, it is available in an excellent condition on a number of online and offline retailers. The weight of regency ring is around 2.46 carat and is available in a price of about nine thousand four hundred seventy five dollars, which is very reasonable keeping in view the preciousness and antiqueness of this ring.

Another very prominent type of vintage engagement rings is called Marissa Ring. It was very common in the year 1950 and the metal used in this ring is 14 k whitish gold, the total weight of this ring is around 0.06 carat. The mid gemstone of this ring is made up of Diamond. It gives a very eye catching and fascinating look, thus you can try it on your engagement function.