Vintage Inspired Engagement Rings

The popularity or vintage inspired engagement ring proves that any style need not be current or new to fit the present or new age users. As the designs of such rings were already famous in that particular time, it paves the perfect way to show your ardour love. This also conveys the message that your love would not fade even after decades and centuries go by. The current age makers of vintage rings actually make them from the designs and stencils obtained from the Victorian era. In short these rings represent the genuine and popular style of the particular era.

Under this category you can find princess cut, emerald cut, cushion cut and other types of diamonds and gems fitted into intricately designed rings. These are present in floral designs, swirl designs, intricate patterns and many more. These vintage inspired engagement rings are mainly present in 1/3 carat and 1/4 carat diamond, 14 karat gold and platinum materials. You can also find rare pieces made in different gems that were popular in the 1800s such as rubies, sapphires, emeralds and others.  There are also rings that make use of one or more materials such as gold and diamond, platinum and diamond, rose gold and gems and so on. These rings are not only shadows of pasts but could be heirloom for tomorrow.