Vintage Princess Cut Engagement Rings

Princess cut is considered as the most sought after design and cut in diamond rings. The vintage princess cut engagement rings are simply the rings that are made using this cut with different styles. As you know princess cut is the square or rectangular cut of the diamonds and is accompanied by square mount with four high corners. The main reason for popularity of the vintage princess rings is the unique design which instantly catches attention. The gemstone used under this category is hand crafted to give around seventy facets. This makes the stone to shine and sparkle magnificently whenever turned to any angle or different sides.

The vintage princess cut engagement rings are very rare and difficult to find in any local jewelry shop. As it requires a skilled worker to create the intricate cut design of previous era, only few makers could replicate them. These could be found in antique jewelry shops or jewelry estates. These basically come in different types of diamonds such as white diamond, black diamond and so on. The material used to create the mounts of princess cut ring is generally platinum or white gold which was famous in Victorian and Edwardian era. These rings have potential to transform a normal girl into princess.